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KiteWorldCyprus is an private initiative to promote the kiteboarding, kitesurfing, Top Jumps, kite and the SUP sport in Cyprus. The stock photography from the kiteboarding is on The Kiters can download from the stock photography there excellent kiteboarding photos and jumps to present it to friends and family. The photos will be downloaded to your Computer so that you can show your photos from your Computer, make photo prints from it and you can make your own posters from your perfect jumps.
We KiteWorldCyprus and henrick osbern photography hope you enjoy the photography from Kiteboarding, if yes let us know, at, we will appriciate.

News from KiteWorldCyprus:

1) Paramali 16 5 2014 the special shooting: photos from Phillip from Freiburg Germany
are uploaded, Phillip enjoy and send me an email:

2) From 1th of july till 1th of october we are traveling around Europe,
so during this time there is no photoshooting from us in Cyprus

3) Have a look at the excellent photo quality see: slideshow photo shooting 1.6.2014
4) Here are the top jumps from 15 6 2014 and enjoy the excellent photo quality: slideshow photo shooting 15.6.2014
5) Phillip from Freiburg in Germany at the Paramali Beach, kiteboarding,jumping see: Phillip